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At Synergy, we are experts at Application Development but check out our CUSTOM developed innovations below!

Knowledge Management Application

Need an Intranet that your company can actually use? Synergy Computer Solutions has created a Knowledge Management application based on SharePoint that is designed to be a very user friendly Intranet portal.


Because it includes:
  • Intra Company YouTube – Employees can access training videos or upload case study videos
  • Intra Company Google - Eg. Fast Search, Refine search, Search History, Search Agents etc.
  • Intra Company Facebook - Seamless and instant access to any employee (Talk, email or chat)
  • Intra Company Whatsapp - Discussion forums based on Communities of Practice (COP)
  • Intra company Webex – Can conduct live Webinars

This powerful (but friendly) application effectively manages all of the knowledge assets in your organization into one simple and useful tool.

Would you like to see more? Complete the form on this page for a no-obligation demonstration of the Knowledge Management Application from Synergy!

Continuous Improvement Tool

The Continuous Improvement Tool application from Synergy will truly move your company’s manufacturing process to be continuously improved.

This cloud-based automation and reporting solution takes the data from improvement forms or kaizen forms and reformats it into something much more usable. You can automatically generate reports from the forms, the information is searchable, and it gives you much greater visibility into the operation.

In a nutshell, it reduces data entry labor costs and improves what happens with the information from those forms – which is typically a heavily manual process. Find out more about this out-of-the-box SharePoint automated solution that also comes with great executive dashboards by completing the form on this page.

User Access Request

User Access Request (UAR) is a software application designed to automate user access to corporate systems, track user activity and keep data secure. UAR expedites the processes associated with accessing software and systems, from user request and approvals, through granting permission, tracking user history, and removing user access. Quick implementation and ease of use makes UAR a sensible solution for any corporate computer network.

Advantages of UAR:
  • Automates user access to corporate systems
  • Easy to implement
  • User friendly
  • Saves time
  • Eliminates errors
  • Provides a single portal
  • Prevents data tampering
  • Ensures adherence to corporate policies
  • Tracks history
Need this extra level of security? Complete the form on this page and let’s discuss the possibilities!

User Enrollment Process

The Synergy Unified Enrollment Process (UEP) handles all types of enrollment data files with little or no manual intervention. UEP works concurrently with standard Health Plan Administration software to eliminate problems and bottlenecks, improve the flow of information, and make enrollment processes easier to manage.

Key benefits include:
  • Simplified, automated process that limits the amount of manual labor needed to process data
  • A process that consolidates all enrollment activity, keeping everything in one place
  • Highly configurable for pre-processing enrollment data
  • Facilitation of an easy way to set-up new groups – length of time is typically 2 -5 days rather than weeks with some existing processes
  • A solution built with off the shelf products; BizTalk, IIS, SQL Server and .Net
And UEP is HIPAA Compliant. Complete the form on this page to learn more!

Provider Maintenance Application

Provider Maintenance Application (PMA) works in tandem with the standard health plan administration software to fulfill the need for provider enrollment data maintenance, and save the time and expense of addressing software-related problems. PMA adds critical functionality and offers many robust features to boost accuracy and productivity including:

  • Automatic population of data to information fields which support various input formats
  • Validation of received information against admin systems
  • Elimination of errors
  • Controlled access of content to 4 layers of users
  • Easy-to-use intuitive graphical user interface
  • The ability to mine data and generate reports
Learn more about how the PMA could fit into your processes – complete the form on this page for more information!

Data Pairing Tool

The Synergy Data Pairing Tool automates and eases the process of retrieving a subset of related data from a production environment to a lower NON-production environment.

The task of moving production data to be synchronized to a NON-production environment is typically done manually and presents many challenges in terms of time and cost. Synergy’s Data Pairing Tool automates the process, saves time and tedious labor, provides flexibility, and maintains data integrity.

Some questions…
  • How many times have you been tasked with loading a complete set of data from PROD to a lower environment?
  • Did you ever feel that loading only minimal and relevant data to your lower environment would suffice?
  • Did you feel that duplicating the entire PROD data to your lower environment was a redundancy or waste of time?
  • Do you want better control over the larger data exposure in your lower environment?
Want more information? Complete the form on this page and let’s talk about how our Data Pairing Tool can work for you!

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